Crafternoon Tea Party: ($260-1.5 hours +$3 per child for craft activity)

Unique to Fairy Floss, a Crafternoon tea party has that little something extra to make child’s party truly special! Every tiny sprite will make and take home their very own party favour.

-Fairy intro and magic

-Dancing and games


-Craft activity tailored to the age and ability of the guests at your party. Craft can be altered to match the theme of your party as well. (See gallery or instagram for some of the possible crafts)


Classic Fairytale Package: ($250-1.5 hours)

Fairy Floss will arrive with everything needed for your collection of littles to enjoy:


-Fairytale time

-Dancing and games

-Pass the parcel (with a keepsake for every guest)


-Present for birthday kid


Littler Fairytale: ($220-1 hour)

Involves most of the activities involved in the classic party plan though games are aimed at a slightly younger audience with added bubbles, because everybody loves bubbles.


The Whole Shazam! ($290-2 hours +$3 per child for craft activity)


A combination of the classic fairytale package and a crafternoon tea party where kids can create their own fairy wands as the perfect party keepsake.


Face-painting only: ($190- 1st hour)

Face-painting and Balloon Sculpting only: ($220- 1st hour)

All parties over an hour can be lengthened or shortened (+/- $30 per half hour) if you need to adjust to fit the age or number of kids attending. Balloon sculpting can be added to any party for an additional cost.

Talk to Fairy Floss today if you would like to adjust any or all of the activities above and organise something to perfectly suit your event.



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